Schub's 2022 internship program

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Schub's 2022 internship program
Luis Alberto Vinay

From left to right our 2022 interns: Iván Gonzalez, Agustín Valdés, Agustín Winer, Abdías Peña

These are happy times for Schub.   

In the past few weeks, we kicked off the first iteration of our internship program.   

Our internship program is designed to give high school young women and men their first contact with the professional world. On it, they will learn good practices and habits that will stay with them all their professional careers.   

Schub's motivation


Our primary motivation is to give back to our public education system, some of which Schub has benefited from. Two of Schub's co-founders studied in public technical high schools and started their professional careers with internships. What they learned and gained there was instrumental to their successful professional careers.  

It is part of Schub's core values to contribute back to those who contribute to us.  

Another benefit is that it's highly motivating to everyone in Schub's team to see young people's drive and interest in learning and participating in our everyday operations.  


Some context information about the students and their schools  


About the schools

Schub's core team is in Argentina, a country with a long history of quality public education. There were created decades ago to provide industries with the qualified personnel they required.  

Despite their budget challenges, public technical schools have provided great talent for local and international companies for over 60 years.   


About the students  

It is tradition here in Argentina that once the students graduate from high school to start their professional careers, continuing or not with their university studies. 

Working as apprentices or 'technicians' from 9 AM to 5 PM and, if so decided from 6 PM onwards, attending university classes. This very hardworking spirit made it very common to find university graduates with five or more years of experience in the field they just graduated from.   

Continuing this tradition, we start our first internship program. We aim to help young high school undergraduates learn essential lessons they will leverage throughout their lives.   


Goals of the program


The main goal is to give high school young women and men their first contact with the professional world. Working within our teams, they will learn good practices and habits that will stay with them throughout their careers.  

To get this program to fruition, we created ties with teachers, authorities, and students at the schools where students come from.  

These ties prove beneficial for both of us. For them, we share our thoughts on improving their programs and which tools and techniques the market is using and demanding today. This way, their graduates start their professional careers with the distinctive advantage of being familiar with the tools and techniques real companies use. And for us, eventually, maybe? one of the interns will become a full-time Schub team member.  


What will the interns work on?


Interns will work only on internal projects where they can experience defining solution architecture with our experienced technical leaders. They will receive and discuss requirements with a Product Owner and experiment firsthand how agile projects and their ceremonies occur in real life. 

All that in a controlled environment with the same rules and responsibilities they will have in their professional lives, but with the safety net of doing that for improving or working on internal company tools rather than client-facing requirements.  


Final words


For everyone in Schub, it is a happy moment to help young people kickstart their professional careers and have a positive life-lasting effect on them. 

It is too early to draw too many conclusions, but we can already see a boost in morale that we had not predicted within Schub's team. Everyone in the company is really on board with the idea and offers their help to the interns, sharing their experience and knowledge to help them grow faster.  

 In a couple of months, we will release another article sharing our thoughts on the experience of our first Internship Program, so follow us! 

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Schub's 2022 internship program
Luis Alberto Vinay July 26, 2023
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