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We are Schub, a premier cloud-native solutions provider
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 Our Services

Managed Cloud Services 

      • Cloud Architecture
      • Site Reliability Engineering / DevOps
      • Cloud Migration
      • Monitoring and 24x7 support
      • And much more...

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Managed Cloud Security

      • Security Best Practices
      • Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment.
      • Security Tooling.
      • Monitor, Triage and Remedy cloud security issues and events.
      • Cloud Environment Hardening
      • SecOps & DevSecOps.
      • And much more...

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Managed Compliance

      • V-CISO
      • Certification Readiness Consulting
      • Gap Analysis and Remediation
      • Compliance Processes Audit
      • Evidence Processing  and Fulfillment
      • Process Revision and Documentation
      • And much more...

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​​​​Stop wasting time, money and effort on managing teams that cannot understand
your needs as a leader and will create the outcomes you expect the first time.

Value - Oriented

​We love Technology, but only at the service of giving​ VALUE.

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Anything less that total satisfaction in NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Average Expenditure Reduction

We are fanatics of reducing cloud expenditure, and we can prove it