Managed Cloud Services

Unlock the full potential that cloud technologies can give your business 

Our multidisciplinary team integrates cloud engineering, security, and compliance to help you to design. build and/or maintain any cloud-related project. We can be your virtual cloud team or augment an already-existing team, with either new skillsets or additional capacity.

Managed Cloud Engineering

​​To create a solution from the ground up or improve your current infrastructure, our team of ​experienced architects and ​engineers have you covered. We have extensive experience in AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and many more technologies ​that are essential components of the backbone of modern apps and the web in general. 
Our Cloud Engineering team works closely with development teams  in various areas, such as:

• Cloud-native architecture, design, and review.
• Cloud-native infrastructure and technologies.
• Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery pipelines (CI/CD).
• Infrastructure as Code (laC).
• Proofs of Concept (POCs).

Managed Cloud Team

Handling everyday operations of cloud environments is an ever-changing and ever-evolvingendeavor.  ​Our Managed Cloud team's sole purpose is to create and run such environments, day-in and day-out. Leave the burden of the daily operations of your cloud infrastructure to  our dedicated team of experts and focus on your business. Our Managed Cloud team can be end-to-end in charge of your  infrastructure working with different goals, such as:

 • Infrastructure setup and/or cloud deployments.
• Cloud infrastructure operation.
• Security implementations.
• Backup and disaster recovery executions.
• Monitoring and reporting.

Managed Cloud Security

We help you to be secure, from design to implementation.

The exponential growth of internet-connected devices and the latest global political landscape is putting information security in the spotlight. Your assets are a target, and the threats can come from all around the globe.
We remain vigilant and mindful, so you do not have to.

Virtual Chief Information
Security Officer (V-CISO)

Our V-CISO service is provided by seasoned security specialists, who evaluate all ​feasible attack vectors before they become a liability. They work with both the business and technical teams to:

• Represent you before regulatory agencies.
• Perform risk assessment based on standards such as
• Create plans for risk mitigation, disaster recovery, and security incident response.
• Develop a business impact analysis.
• Prepare security governance plan based on I5027001 principles.
• Provide guidance on IT-security-related issues.
• Manage third-party penetration tests.

Managed Security Team

​​Our security team works closely with the V-CISO to make your everyday business operation more secure and safe, providing:

 • Identity and Access Management (IAM).
• Security tooling in CI/CD pipelines.
• Infrastructure and application security scans.
• Internal penetration tests execution and/or remediation.
• Operating System (OS) image hardening.
• Security patch management.
• Security incident analysis, follow-up, and remediation.
• SecOps and DevSecOps tooling and techniques following the highest standards, such as NIST, CIS,
Mitre Att@ck, OWASP.|

Managed Compliance

Compliance as a business enabler, not a job-stopper.

 The industry is evolving: today more organizations required to comply with quality standards such as SOC2, 150, and many more in order to simply do business. Having an in-house compliance team is something that not every organization can afford, and we are the answer to that problem.

Virtual Chief Compliance
Officer (V-CCO)

Our V-CCO takes compliance-related business goals and transforms them ​into executable projects. Some examples of compliance responsibilities includes:

 • Support any external or internal audit.
• Perform gap analysis and remediation plan.
• Assess your IT compliance against selected standards or industry-specific requirements.
• Represent your company before regulatory agencies.
• Audit your compliance processes and procedures.

Managed Compliance Team

Our managed compliance team is the operating arm of the V-CCO and is responsible for executing the  decisions made at the C-level, providing:

• Fulfillment evidence of the processes set by the V-CCO and/or business.
• Periodic controls on your processes and procedures.
• Advisory on process improvement.
• Tailored documentation of new processes and procedures.
• Existing processes and procedures revision.