About us

Schub is the German word for thrust. 

Thrust, as in the unstoppable force propelling a rocket upwards and forwards. We can be that same force for your business. At Schub, we are building secure, compliant, cloud-native solutions that help companies be prepared for the changes that are already happening.

Whether you are a well-established company or a growing startup, we will take care of all things cloud, so you can keep the focus on your business.

Meet our leadership team

Luis Vinay

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Passionate about creating problem-solving teams and helping companies to grow.


Gaston Valdes

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Nonconformist at heart, a perfectionist by choice, sharing my experience to help maturing businesses.


Eduardo Mora

Chief Delivery Officer (CDO)

Enthusiastic and optimistic team builder, continuously looking for the best flow to deliver value.