John Swords, Chief Product Officer at Findmine

John Swords, Chief Product Officer at Findmine

Please introduce yourself  

John Swords, Chief Product Officer at FindMine.  My role is leading product strategy and customer experience which emphases managing product, engineering, IT, and customer success teams.   


Tell us about your company.    

We provide AI-powered product recommendations and shoppable content as an embeddable service to online retailers and brands.  We work with a range of companies that sell products online such as Perry Ellis, Adidas, The Shopping Channel, Lands End, and DXL.     


What would you say is the key benefit of having Schub as part of your team?   

 Schub provides all of the requisite functions of a successful IT organization without the management and cost overhead of operating a dedicated in-house team.     


In the last couple of years that we have been working with FindMine we've seen it evolve a lot, even in this market context; how do you assess Schub's evolution to accompany such growth?

 Our business has grown, and with it, our needs have changed.  We’ve completed some major architectural change projects with Schub.  Schub has been responsive to the changing needs and major project initiatives with augmenting and adjusting staff to meet our goals.  Their commitment to our success has made it possible to expand our engagement with them over time.   


What do you think Schub is doing for your business? 

As a SaaS business, it is critical that we meet our customers’ expectations of us from a service delivery standpoint and adhere to prevailing standards on security/compliance.  Schub is helping us to reliably meet our customer SLAs , keeping our customers data secure, while also making sure we are efficiently using cloud computing resources.  As an example, our latest project with Schub resulted in a reduction of cloud computing costs of 20% while maintaining 99.99% uptime.   


What made you happiest about working with us?   

Schub gives us access to a knowledgeable team of infrastructure architects and engineers, security analysts, and business managers that we would be hard pressed to assemble ourselves.  They operate as though they are part of the FindMine family.     


If you could go back in time, would you hire us back again?    

Yes, without hesitation.   

Note: This transcript was lightly edited for clarity sake without changing the original intention of the interviewee.

This testimonial was recorded on November of 2022

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